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Our main goal at BioMetrix is to improve the overall quality of your life through hormone balance, exercise, nutrition, and age management therapies.
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Your Youth Life

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Our highly trained medical team at BioMetrix helps men and women achieve optimal health using a combination of bioidentical hormone therapy, customized nutrition, fitness regimens, stress reduction therapies, comprehensive testing and laboratory evaluations, age management therapies, and pharmaceutical-grade supplementation. Each program is tailored to meet your individual needs as well as achieve your personal wellness goals.

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Body Composition Analysis

Learn about the InBody Test, a 45-second analysis of muscle, fat, & body water!

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What Our Patients Say ?

I have never utilized the clinic but I work with the trainers at the gym. They all have degrees in kinseology and design programs individually for clients and thier fitness goals. My strength and stamina have greatly improved and they have helped me gain confidence in my ability to keep building and attain new goals. Check this place out, but be prepared to work hard!

Cindy Juarez

As someone who travels 10 months out of the year for work, finding a great local gym can be very challenging. Biometrix had an awesome, helpful staff and the gym itself was brand new, super clean, and very easy to navigate. I highly recommend doing a training session with Rene - I thought I was in great shape but Rene proved me wrong. The quick circuit training session left me sweaty and feeling like I definitely knocked out a great workout. My abs are on fire today - something I don't always experience with my normal routines. Check this gym out if you're looking to be bikini ready by summertime!

Danielle Prawdzik

I've been working out at Biometrix for almost 3 years and I can attest to their knowledge and personal training. Results are up to you but you will certainly have all the tools you need to reach your goals. Good trainers, nice clean machinery and an excellent atmosphere.

Lisa Smith Nevarez

Awesome trainers, lost 20 pounds in 2 months, could not do it without their intense training, these people walk the talk, clean facility and good music.

Peter Gutierrez

I like to come here for more accurate body fat measurements since they use an ultrasound machine to measure it. Not too expensive at $30 but much more accurate than those electronic pulse machines you find at supplement stores. Sometimes their equipment needs to be recalibrated but that's the only fault I see. They offer other outpatient treatments as well and keep a doctor on call. This is great because I had an allergic reaction during one visit and he helped a lot.

Keira Pickering

I've had memberships at other gyms and even had some online training plans. The difference here is what works best for me. The trainers keep me motivated, positively reinforce progress no matter how small, and correct and guide me when I need to adjust my mechanics when doing a movement incorrectly. I've never been one to look forward to working out, but these guys have definitely changed that. They learn your name and greet you each time. Prices are reasonable considering how much each component would cost you individually. It's up to you to take advantage of what is offered with your plan. If you stay consistent, you'll see and feel the changes in a matter of a few months.

Nick Hammel