About Us

BioMetrix was developed by Founder and CEO, Alexander Catucci, Nutritionist and Master Personal Trainer. As an avid advocate for age and weight management, Mr. Catucci recognized the disparity of resources for these services to the population who stand to benefit the most. After 2 years of planning, BioMetrix  provides an all inclusive cost-effective solution to managing health, wellness, and age management. Our concept addresses an important health issue that today’s citizens face day to day; namely, how to live a healthy lifestyle as we age. Furthermore, BioMetrix is a leading solution for those individuals experiencing a decline in their quality of life due to the natural degeneration of hormone production as a result of age. As President Michelle Catucci says, “We all get to that point in life where it seems as if a switch was flipped. We feel tired, we gain weight unexpectedly, and we just begin to feel different. If you are the person that has tried everything but still can’t seem to get results, then BioMetrix was created for you! We help you understand what your body is going through and tailor a program to get you feeling like yourself again.”


Dr. Dan Harper, BioMetrix Chief Medical Officer,  leads a qualified team of health professionals able to quantifiably measure our client’s progress over the duration of their enrollment. He brings his years of expert training in hormone replacement therapy to provide individuals with the best treatment options designed especially for them. Each BioMetrix facility includes a fully equipped elite gym, medical clinic, as well as our proprietary anti-aging treatments. Housing everything under one roof allows you the convenience and ease to maximize your overall health and quality of life.


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