Testing and Evaluation

Each client will undergo comprehensive laboratory testing, body composition analysis, strength and fitness evaluations, nutritional counseling, and doctor consultation. These are the first steps in determining your hormone levels as well as your current health and wellness. Lab testing is provided in our clinic. Our Clinic runs an advanced blood panel to get an accurate description of your health.

Our testing and evaluation stage provides valuable information. However, age management medicine looks at your testing and evaluation stage differently than traditional medicine. We want your levels in the optimal range, the levels you had while in your late 20’s and early 30’s.

Below you will find what we test for and how we test.

The testing enables our staff to customize a health and wellness plan exclusively for you.

Blood Test Profile May Vary Per Location

Young sportswoman with metal bottle drinking water after workout


Each person will be given a comprehensive questionnaire on diet, lifestyle, and family history. Each questionnaire is geared toward answering questions about stress, diet, and activity level. This will allow our medical staff to better understand what you are striving to achieve and how we can best help you in your future. When you begin your individualized program at BioMetrix your new YOU is guaranteed. This is our promise to you!

1RM Strength and Functional Movement Assessment

Strength tests can be maximal or predictive. Maximal tests require that you lift progressively heavier weights until you are unable to proceed further–the weight preceding the point at which you failed being your 1RM. Predictive tests estimate your 1RM based on your performance with a lighter weight. Common strength tests include the bench press, dead lift, and squat, although almost any exercise, such as the leg extension machine, can be adapted to strength testing.